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September 13, 2006


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Avon’s FanLit had triggered my obsessive tendencies.  I haunted the site for three days after I made my first submission.  I feaverishly started working on my second submission.  I voted like crazy and posted comments all over the place, and generally made an idiot of myself.

I totally neglected my blog, my bloground – such as it is – and my crit group.  Not a good thing.  But at least I still got dinner on the table and didn’t call in sick to work.

This hasn’t always been so.  I get hooked on computer games the way some people get hooked on gambling.  The worst was part of a “mojang” game.  It didn’t use the usual tiles, just colored squares.  You line them up in rows of five or more and the come off the computer screen.  Each time you move a tile, three more go on the board.  It’s a race against the forces of chaos.  While I could play it for hours on end.  While playing, I would forget to eat.  Unluckily, the kids didn’t like skipping dinner.  They nicknamed it “The Evil Game” and likened it to drug addiction.

I’m going to assume this obsession will go the way of previous obsessions – a burning intensity gradually replaced with a quiet devotion and eventually a passing interest.

Until then, my apology for the obsessive and hit-or-miss blogs.


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