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September 16, 2006

Avon FanLit – of course.

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I know, you’re sick of hearing about it, but it’s what my world revolves around for the moment. 

It occurred to me that I hadn’t really described it.  In the couple of weeks before the first assignment a bunch of people signed up to participate, and to vote for which combination of setting and premise we were going to use.   The winner was a Regency in which a darling of the ton may or may not be a fraud and the hero suspects her.  Over 2,400 people signed up for this.

So far there have been a little over 350 submissions.  Considering they gave us two weeks for this first chapter and how many people signed up, and that each could submit as many as two entries, this seems low.  Maybe a lot of those signing up only planned on voting.  Or maybe a lot of those who signed up got to the moment where they had to actually write and found it a lot harder than they expected.  Then again, we have until Monday to get them all in.  I expect the number of entries could double in that time.

Next week won’t be so easy, for the writers.  They post the next assignment on Friday afternoon and expect a maximum of three per person to be in by the following Monday.  Good thing I write fast.  I just hope it’s fast enough.

So far the scores given have been wild.  I have a few fives and a bunch of zeros.  This seems to be par for the course.  Considering my first entry was put up within 24 hours of the assignment being given out and was mostly a response to stuff said in their forum, I’m quite pleased.  I mean, someone who doesn’t know me from a hill of beans gave me a top score!  More than one did it!

As to the zeros, apparently everyone is getting slammed by them, even entries I gave high marks to are getting them.  Either someone is trying to build themselves up by damaging everyone else, or tastes are wildly off.  But I figure since everyone’s getting them it just means the highest scores will look low, but will still final.  The cream rises no matter how sour the milk.  Also, mine got slammed a couple of times for not fitting into the guidelines the way people expected.

Raven, I think you would like that first entry.  It features a vampire.

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