Alice’s Restaurant

September 28, 2006

“Best of Luck”

Filed under: FanLit — aliceaudrey @ 2:11 pm

There’s a lot of that going around on FanLit right now. (Would you stop groaning already? I know I’m obsessed with it. FanLit, FanLit, FanLit. So there.)

It occurs to me that luck has a lot to do with it. For instance, I had terrible luck the day before yesterday. I didn’t have enough time for that third entry. Then I got bumped off the computer by family members a dozen times. And my scores are getting the usual trouncing – only with not so many 0’s this time.

I did not have enough luck to get into the top ten this time. I’m hoping I had enough for a decent showing.

Wish me luck!


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