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October 1, 2006


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I’m going to get myself in hot water here, I just know it. Oh well.

Remember yesterday when I talked about zero bashing? Well I just want to say thank you to Laura T for NOT caving. She gives 5’s willingly, complements kindly, and is generally the kind of reader I wish we had a lot more of.

I think Snydley’s little ruse on the Chapter 2 discussion forum was very well done, but “his?” entry wasn’t nearly as bright and lively as his posts. Darn it! Be ware, Snydley, I’m expecting better from you next time. I do get an invite, don’t I?

Lacy …. What can I say? Lacy is cool. And not just cause she won. *grin* Would you be willing to send me one of your multicultural historical manuscript? I do a pretty good critique when I have more than 250 characters to work with. Yes, yes, I know you get enough feedback from the Red Pen Posse. I’m just looking for a free read.

Daisycat had some interesting things to say on her
blog. Did anyone else notice?

Sarah is also cool. I’m talking the skirbo Sarah, though the other Sarahs seem to be all right too. The thing I like about skirbo is that she is so helpful. Lord knows I’ve needed it. Having done the FanLib thing she’s way ahead of me on how this works.

All in all I’m really enjoying the people I’ve met over on the forums. Hi guys!


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