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October 2, 2006


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I’m simply not getting the invites like I did the last round.  Or maybe it’s still early and I have gotten into reading the entries sooner this time, having put one out in the first few hours.  Regardless, I find myself short on reading material.  I’m actually using the vote button.  *Shudder?  No – sigh.*

So I’m paying attention to promos again.

Knowing me it’s not surprising that I would find a bunch of things to say about promos.

First, way too many people are trying to hide what their entry is about in their promos.  They end up rephrasing the assignment instead, which isn’t going to lure me in.  Unless the entire entry is a rehash of the assignment, in which case I should thank them for a promo that kept me away.

Alternately they might pose a bunch of questions.  One or two questions, especially if there is something odd, silly, or sublime about them, will draw me in but a bunch make my eyes glaze.  Worse are the questions that merely rephrase of the assignment, as they manage to be boring and irritating at the same time.

There’s a fair amount of melodrama in the promos.  Those I figure are simply not going to be to my taste, so I don’t feel bad about skipping them.

Quoting from the love scene isn’t likely to draw me in because you can’t get me hot and bothered in 250 characters.  I just makes me think you’re jumping the gun.

So what do I like in a promo?

I like to see something different than you would find in any other entry.  Mention of a purple statue of a cat maybe, or a gay Snydley would do it.  That alone MIGHT draw me in, but that and some indication that there is actually a point to be made is even better.  So, a gay Snydley who develops a tendre for Damien and turns up in their home looking for love?  I’m there.  A purple cat that moves just when Damien thinks he’s caught Patience in the act?  You bet!  A secret door in the library  – darn, it sucked me in and I don’t even like the theft theme.

Yes, I’m hard to please, but I’ll bet some of the people voting on this are even harder.


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