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October 4, 2006

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Did you see what Lynne did?  Worth checking out.


Making Comments

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I’m lousy at comments.  I don’t mean to be, honest, but I’m just not as bright and smart, and supportive as I ought to be.  And somewhere along the way I just know I’m going to put my foot in my mouth.

In fact, I already have.  I said things in the comments that got quoted in the forum as a bad example, though I don’t think I’ve made it into the Hall of Fame yet.  Well, maybe.  I haven’t had the nerve to look.  I know I must be pissing people off, for which I am truly sorry.  But I can’t promise not to do it again.  It is simply beyond me to put “Great job” or some variation of it on every entry.

Why?  Because if I start to do that I’m going to start thinking everyone is laughing at me behind my back.  You’re supposed to laugh in my face, darn it!  With, not at, you know.

Oh well. It’s not like I haven’t messed up a bunch of other things already.  I can’t handle PM’s at all.  Poor Avon has gotten so many replies from me because I overlooked the link and half the time when I DO realize it’s a PM and not an email it’s already timed out.  I’m not real good about trying to follow up when that happens.

I constantly screw up my invites.  I get them out late and hit some people with too many and overlook others who actually want them, get names wrong, and just totally mess them up.  At least I TRY to do them all.

And talk about invites!  I think I must have gotten 40 of them total this round.  Of course most of them came at the same time, right after the round ended.  I’m afraid next round I’m going to have to take the eddress off my sig line.

Ok. Enough lamentation.  Time to get back to ranking.


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