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October 19, 2006

It Aint Fun If It Aint Fair

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Did I know what I was getting into when I first singed up? Not entirely. I could see the conflict of interest, but didn’t realize it would be as much of a problem as it proved. And I trusted FanLit to take responsibility for enforcing their own rules. That would have made a huge difference in the playing experience.

If I hadn’t already realized it was just a publicity stunt, plenty of people I tried to invite in the first round made it clear to me. I know a fair number of good writers who simply bowed out without making a single entry because of it.

I’m spending way too much time on it, have agonized over it, have NOT favorably impressed any editor, and don’t even get to keep my copyrights!

I have been asked by a fair number of people why I started, why I’ve stuck with it, and when I’m going to come to my senses. But then I’ve been asked the same questions about writing. I don’t have a good answers in either case.

But I do know this. If I’m going to do it – either writing or FanLit – I shouldn’t be halfhearted about it. I’m not going to have nearly as much fun if I don’t ignore the bandits and simply go for it.

Regardless of how it’s run, I’ve learned a few things, made some excellent friends, and wrote some stuff that I like. For now, that’s good enough for me.


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