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November 22, 2006

T-Day Minus One

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On the task list for today – Toast the bread and make cornbread for the dressing.  Mix dressing’s dry ingredients in a big bowl with a lid then set aside.  Make the cranberry dressing.  Take the giblets out of the turkey and cook them up. 

What?!  It’s still frozen?!!  Argh.  Fine, get giblets out with a chisel, but get them out and cook them up now cause I am NOT getting up a 3am to make the dressing.  Not this year.  So now I’ve got the plastic covering off the stupid bird and the dressing made, but I can’t put anything into the bird until tomorrow anyway and what am I supposed to do with the bird?  Oh yeah, have dh turn it into a Saran Wrap mummy.  Yeah, that works. 

Put the ingredients into the bread maker but don’t start it until tomorrow.  What do you mean bread makers are cheating?  Go away, Mom. 

Find the good china.  Unpack the good china.  Forget the good china, wash the everyday and call it good.

Make the pie.  Get more eggs.  Make the spinach dressing.  Get more eggs.  Make omelets for lunch.  Opps, better make that something from the deli because we’re out of eggs again.

What do you mean I’m running around like a turkey with it’s head cut off?  I’m a little busy.  That’s all.



FanLit Forever Due

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We interrupt this turkey count down to remind everyone that tomorrow is the least day in which to submit something for the first ever FanLit Forever challenge.

Can you do it?



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