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November 27, 2006


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Or should I say gossip?

 Cat has finally put up her Tag blog.  Still no response from Milady Insanity.  Sigh.  She does, however, have some good recipes up.

MerryDay won 1st place in the Teelit – that’s Harper Teen FanLit contest to us old fogies – after having placed 4th in two previous rounds.  Yay MerryDay!

Tessa and CM are still slugging away at their WIPs.  Hang in there, ladies.  Sara is in wristwatch land.  That’s what my dh calls it when you find yourself looking at the clock every few minutes and sighing as you wait for a response.  Only in his case it’s waiting for the computer and in hers, it’s waiting for TV executives.  Oh wait, there’s a difference?

Moonlight has become Cynthia Falcon and could use some feedback on her WIP.  She has it up on her blog and also in the WIP section of FanLit Forever.  As soon as I can, I’ll be giving it a look myself.  Tomorrow maybe?

FanLit Forever is well on it’s way to completing it’s first challenge.  It looks like the system is running well.  Now if only we could get a few more people involved.  Deadline for voting on the entries is November 29th.  That’s this Wednesday.  Get your butt over there and vote!

BTW, I LOVE the new ranking system.  It says so much more about the work itself to be able to see how every vote landed than to simply watch the numbers blip then get some odd total that doesn’t even come close to what you saw go by, and having everything anonymous has given me much more confidence in the results.  There are some VERY good entries.  Unluckily, neither of mine would fall into that classification.  That’s what I get for shoving them off as soon as I got them typed out.

I have almost caught up with all the commitments I made a couple of months ago.  All that’s left is to critique one book.  Yep, the whole thing at a whack.  Should be interesting.


Attention Span of a Rodent

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Let’s play Jeopardy.  The answer is I have the attention span of a rodent.  The questions are:

A] Why are my blog posts often short?
B] Why can’t I settle on one WIP at a time?
C] Why does it take me so long to respond?
D] All the above.


Any guesses?



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