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December 3, 2006

How to Help Make FanLit Forever Stronger.

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Although we have enough people behind the scenes keeping the board running, we could still use your help to make FanLit Forever a wonderful place.

For instance, you can let people know we exist.  We need more people.  Not just writers, we need people who are there because they love to read and want to see what we can do.  Tell your online friends.  Put a link to FanLit Forever on your blog.  Mention it on other boards.  Tell those of your face-time friends who might be interested.  Once they’ve come over to see what’s up, a lot of them are going to want to play.

We need participation.  I’m well aware we are all busy most of the time.  We all have real lives that include many demands.  Participation doesn’t have to be all inclusive.  You don’t have to enter every time.  But once in a while would be good.  You don’t have to vote on every single entry.  But a few comments would make a world of difference.  Do what you can, knowing we love you for every little bit.

Keep the right attitude.  So far I have not seen any of the wrong attitude at all.  No one has tried to cheat.  No one has maligned or belittled anyone else.  Everyone has been open, helpful, and supportive, but also honest.  I cannot tell you how valuable that combination is.  Keep it up!

If I can think of any other ways you can help, I’ll certainly let you know.



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