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December 4, 2006


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How do you email to someone you only know through their blog? 

 So far I’ve only gone looking for an email link from a blog in two cases, where I really should be able to figure the email out if I go looking in my ancient email folders.  Still, it seems people expect you to be able to contact them, but don’t make the info easy to find.  Is there a secret handshake I don’t know about?


Congratulations Sukie!

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Sukie has stepped forward to take her bow.  She is the one who wrote Something Old, Someone New, our first ever FanLit Forever winner.  She had another entry that also did well in the round.

Unless something radical happens, it looks like a story with a Holiday theme – you pick the Holiday – will be our next challenge.  The poll for it closes Wednesday, so we’ll know for sure then.   Personally, I’m thinking Fourth of July.


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