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December 16, 2006

Tis the Season for Cookies!

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Seems like this time of year a lot of people turn their kitchens into bakeries.   Patricia McLinn not only bakes cookies to give to friends, family, and neighbors.  She used to send cookies overseas to our troops.  She can’t now because all the people she knew over there have come home.

BTW, you can send all kinds of other things to people in our troops, even if you don’t know them, through .  Just not home-made food.  Twinkie anyone?

In some neighborhoods you HAVE to bake something to exchange.  Not in my neighborhood, but I know there are some out there.  In my mother’s neighborhood, for instance.

I tried it in mine, and got a lot of pained smiles for my efforts.  It didn’t take long to realize my helpful, friendly, outgoing neighbors – mostly men – didn’t want the guilt or obligation of a cookie exchange. 

So here I am all set to bake with no where for the cookies to go.  The kid’s won’t let me skip making gingerbread men.  It wouldn’t be Christmas without them.  They’ll eat most, but that still leaves a dozen or so unwanted cookies laying around the house.

I guess I’ll have to eat them. 

Darn.  *Grin*


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  1. Cookie packages make fantastic gifts for teachers, postal workers, etc. It can get a bit much when people start to *expect* them, but it’s a great way to get the fun of baking lots of types and still not end up with a table-full at home…

    Comment by Chris — December 17, 2006 @ 6:48 pm

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