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December 21, 2006

Christmas Is About To Blindside Me

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You heard me.  I’m about to totally lose it.  See, in my mind it was already Christmas.  We have Christmas songs, Christmas cookies, Christmas shopping… which I haven’t done yet.  I forgot that at some point I was going to have to put my blog on hold and actually DO Christmas.

That time has come.

I’m going to be on the road Friday.  Yes, I mean tomorrow.  I’ll start my shopping as soon as we reach my mother’s house and quit in time to get everything wrapped and under the tree a few minutes before we start opening them.

Every second in between will be spent in the kitchen cooking up Christmas dinner, which in our household is the same as Thanksgiving dinner only with rice instead of mashed potatoes.  I’m so glad my mother gets to be the one poking the turkey to see if it’s thawed.  All I’ll have to do is stuff the bird, and move it from pan to table.  And maybe do the gravy.  And maybe the sweet potatoes.  And maybe…  oh never mind.

Anyway, the long (Alice’s Restaurant style) and short (Hey!  That’s also Alice’s Restaurant style) of it is that I won’t be a very good blogger over the next few days.  Suzie is going to have to go on hold and I’ll probably miss Wednesday’s roundup.  You can forget about Monday’s recipe, though I may double up a couple of weeks later.  I’ll try to drop by and visit both here and on your blogs, but competition for the computer in my mother’s house is fierce.  We shall have to see.

So if I don’t get to it on the right day, let me say right now.  MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

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