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January 14, 2007

Sing a Song of Pyrex

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I love Pyrex!  I have their pots and pans, their pie plates, bread pans, and a remarkable collection of their storage containers.  I love the way they clean up when you burn something onto them, the way they handle freezer to microwave or oven, the way they don’t get pitted in the microwave even if you leave them in for WAY too long.  I adore the rubber lids.  I love the way you can see what’s in them at a glance.

But there is room for improvement  *grin*.

Leave Martha Stewart behind!  She goes for those lovely “sage” colored lids.  They are so attractive.  Until you put them over spaghetti sauce.  Seriously, give me brownish-red lids!  All right, the navy blue are fine because they hide the stains, but I’m not a big fan of navy.  I want a decorative shade of brown.

Martha must have a separate room in which to store her kitchen stuff, because she does a lousy job of making things stackable.  Simply being able to place one on top of another and have it stay there doesn’t count.  When I say stackable, I mean I want each container to sit down inside the other so that a set of four will take up less space than if you placed two of them back to back.  To do so, they can’t have straight sides.

Pyrex does this with some of their direct lines, but never with the Martha Stewart stuff.  When it comes to buying Pyrex, go direct.

They recently came out with a storage container I LOVE.  I mean, more than usual.  It’s 7x5x1.5 inches.  I didn’t think I’d get all that much use out of it when I first bought it.  Silly me.  It’s perfect for pork chops and left over lasagna, and baking those shrink-wrapped chunks of frozen fish I’m seeing in the supermarkets all over town.

Sure Pyrex has some problems with chips and scratches, but so does my no-stick cookware.  At least Pyrex I can clean with bleach and not pit.  I do a lot of freezing, and nothing’s better for telling at a glance what’s inside or putting in the microwave then eating straight out of.

Yep.  I love Pyrex.


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