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February 4, 2007

FanLit Challenge 3 Round Two

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The requirement for the second round is “something goes wrong.”  No Patience’s cat writes a letter or she enters a ball late and leaves before midnight.  Simply take the story from where the Round One winner left off and have something go wrong.

As mentioned before, we had a little dust-up with respect to the winner.  So we took the five entries with the best average score and put them in a poll.  The entries are:

Mistaken Identity  
Redemption By Carriage    
This Rough Paradise 
Washed Up 

For the sake of this example, let’s assume Mistaken Identity is the winner. 

In Mistaken Identity a young French lady named Simone captures an English lord whom she thinks dishonored her sister.  She has indeed captured Lord Rosewood, but it is Michael, not Henry.  Henry died on the Peninsula after having married Simone’s sister.  It ends with the line: “What, does this mean?” he asked once again, this time in her native tongue.

Let’s assume the author has selected a pound note, a bottle of wine, and a candle as the three objects we must include.

The assignment is then to write a chapter in which something goes wrong for Simone and Michael.  Include a pound note, a bottle of wine, and a candle.

What could go wrong?  I’ll put a few ideas in the comments as I think of them.


FanLit Forever Challenge 3, End of First Round

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We had ourselves some fun over on FanLit Forever.  The winner didn’t want to accept the crown.  We ended up putting it to a vote.

 New schedule: 

Vote for the winning entry closes Monday at noon Mountain Standard Time.

Submissions accepted for Round Two beginning Tuesday at noon and close February 20th at 11pm.


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