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February 6, 2007


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I’m reading Ahead of the Game by Suzann Ledbetter which has the following passage (p.34) :

Hank just said she’d get back to dating in time.  Zoey replies “No, I won’t.  Not because I’m still hurting.  Actually, I feel guilty for not hurting – not to mention stupid, for not calling it quits a long time ago.  Like before the wedding, when I knew I wasn’t having cold feet but convinced myself that was all it was.”

I recently saw a YouTube video in which a woman cuts her hair right before a wedding because the hair dresser made it curly.  I know the feeling where the hair is concerned, but suspect she might also have had cold feet.  I had a case of cold feet the morning of the wedding, which was ridiculous.  We co-owned our house by then, and left for the wedding in the same car.

It got me to wondering about having cold feet right before you marry.  Is this common?

If you are married, did you have cold feet right before?


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