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March 20, 2007

Belize Still On. I Hope.

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Ok.  Cross our fingers and hope nobody gets any sicker and it looks like we can still all go.  I hope.  It mostly depends on things like my cyst, my mothe’rs hip replacement, and my son’s strep throat.  But at least we were all able to get our shots after all.  For a while we weren’t so sure.  We are cutting the timing a bit close.

So, for anyone I haven’t already told, I’m not going to be very active here the first week of April.  But I’ll have interesting travel stuff to talk about and maybe some pictures of Belize when I get back.

 Meanwhile, I’m hoping I can get back to a more interesting blog when I’m not driving 40 miles to get shots or arranging emergency visits to the pediatrician.


To Belize or Not To Belize, That Is The Question

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Travel plans on hold.


I hate disease



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