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April 22, 2007

Patricia McLinn Contest

Filed under: Writing Life — aliceaudrey @ 12:27 am

I do a little work for Patricia McLinn.  I help her handle submissions to her contests.  The last one she ran involved questions that could only be answered if you had read a book released by a small press.  It didn’t get a lot of response.  Previous contests didn’t tie in that closely to her work, and brought in hundreds of entries.

She has asked me to help come up with a contest idea.  I’m drawing a complete blank.  Has anyone here ever read any of her books?  Most of them are Heart-warming Harlequin Super Romances generally set in Illinois or Wyoming, and tend to include lots of people and some reference to sports.

Any ideas for a contest for her?  I’m thinking it should be something people could answer without reading her books, but that relates more closely than “What’s your favorite flower.”  I’d greatly appreciate any suggestions anyone here comes up with. 

In the spirit of TessaD and Amy/India I’ll give one of my copies of her books to someone who comments here.  Unlike them, I’ll give you a few days to come up with something.  I’ll post the winner Wednesday.



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