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April 23, 2007

More Belizian Food Links

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OK, I’m cheating again on the food thing, but my mother sent me this link

And I gotta say this looks exactly like what we were eating .  Except the conch.  Every place we asked said they were out.  The Monkey River Tour Guide told us Iguana was legal for natives to eat, but not allowed to be sold in restaurants because in the short time it was allowed they were nearly hunted to extinction.  Makes me wonder about the conch.

And the barracuda.  I saw a couple of barracuda in the water while snorkeling.  Frankly they were scarier than the shark.  They sort of hovered there, eying us with a cold intelligence.  I got the feeling if I hadn’t been swimming in a pack, I could have been HIS lunch.  Kind of reminded me of some hyper-alpha Romance heroes.


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