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April 25, 2007

The Animals of Belize – part 2 – not behind fences

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Here’s a picture of the shark I mentioned before:

Up close and personal

I didn’t take it.  The guide took it on my sister’s camera.  The film from mine still hasn’t been developed yet, mostly because I haven’t used it up yet.  Not much call for underwater cameras in Montana.

We also saw manatees, or as much of them as anyone ever sees,

Mother and child

and monkeys

 At Bannana Bank

and various reptiles

 Frog on the wall at Maya Breeze

 In a restaurant
Yes, those reptiles are in doors.  The lizard is inside a wall sconce in a restaurant.  We watched him snag a grasshopper that landed on the top of the fixture, then drop back into the warmth by the light bulb.  Now and then a tail would flick out.

The lizards in particular liked to get around.  In Maya Breeze we would see whole confabs of them hanging on the outside walls under the lights.  Must have been good bug hunting.  I don’t know how the frog managed to hang on the wall like that.  You should have seen him crawl up it.  With a faster camera I’d be showing you.

There were birds all over as well as a variety of crabs.  No, I didn’t get any pictures of the crabs.

On the Monkey River
People had horses in their yards, particularly in the Amish community we drove through.  Yes, Belize has a community of Amish.  I didn’t get any pictures because I was driving.  Banana Bank had horses all over the place, along with a number of trophies for winning horse races.

At Banana Bank

All kinds of animals roam around in Belize.  Some I’m more familiar with than others.



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