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May 19, 2007

Xunantunich III

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On first approach 

The main pyramid is worth a post all by itself.  It’s the only one I climbed.  I didn’t realize how bad the sunburn on the back of my legs was until I reached the top then tried to come back down.  Ouch!  That’s why I didn’t climb the rest.

Tingle Toes 
From the top you can see the entire complex.  See the white line at the bottom of the picture?  That’s what I’m standing on.

A pyramid with a view
From the top of the pyramid you can see all the way to Guatemala.  The very highest point of the pyramid was where they would light signal fires to communicate with other communities in the area.  The guide called Xunantunich a city, but only a few hundred people of the thousands associated with it actually lived there.  Those who were not of the royalty or nobility lived in outlying arias.

This facade is actually a plaster cast of the real thing, which is apparently safe from the elements in among the stones. 

After having hobbled down
This was the view after having climbed back down, one painful step at a time.  I thought it was impressive.


Xunantunich II

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One of the most impressive aspects of our tour of Xunantunich was the casual way our Mayan- Mestizo guide pointed at rock structures and said it was made for one kind of blood letting or another.  Ironically, what you find at the top of the biggest pyramid is not an alter, but the royal bedrooms.

Actually, come to think of it, we didn’t see any alters in place anywhere. Here is where they do the circumcisions.  I’m not sure if they did virgin sacrifices here too, or if it was in a building we didn’t see.

Little Boy's Room
Here are the residences of the nobility.

This is a bedroom where several of them would all sleep.  Comfy, no?

Pass the matress, please

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