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June 17, 2007

Banana Bank Lodge, Part 2

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Banana Bank Lodge is owned by a Montana rancher and his wife, Carolyn Carr.  Carolyn is an artist specializing in paintings of Belize people and animals.  We were privileged to visit her studio.

This is what it looked like from the outside:

You can certainly see the Montana influence on the steps leading from the door to the studio.  Frankly, it makes me think more Texas and New Mexico than Montana.


You can see some of her fabulous paintings along the wall here.  Her work turned up in prints and on T-shirts all over Belize. 

Check out the stuffed animals.  So cute! 
I wish I had taken a second shot of this painting so you could see how the part sticking out fit in with the rest.  I had assumed incorrectly the painting would be posted on her web site.

Painting - Side View
It’s a very warm and inviting space, but I understand Carolyn’s desire from something with more light. 


They are working on a new studio for her now.  By the time you get there, it may be done.


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