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July 12, 2007

Vote for Newcomb

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You all know that ChrisJournal is an alumnus of Newcomb College, right?  Well Newcomb needs some help, and you can be a part of it. 

Right now there is a news station doing a feature on an historic site that WE chose.  Anyone can vote.  Just click on the “survey” link in the middle of the web page here.  Then vote for Newcomb.

It means a lot to ChrisJournal.


More Jackson

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For some reason I have travel on my mind.  So why not throw a few more pictures of my recent travels on my blog?
Looks Like I finally figured out what was wrong with the pictures I tried to post last week.  I can thank Donna for guiding me the right direction, all be it unintentionally.  I was doing exactly the same thing that gave her problems on her blog.

Jackson MT is in a place called the Big Hole.  Around here we say it “the-Bighole.”  Normally this time of year it could be looking a bit dry.  Not this year.  Check it out.

pasture passing at speed
Why do they call it the Big Hole?  Because it’s a big, flat, high plateau with mountains all around.  We’re talking 7,000 feet above sea level at the lower elevations.  Could be up to 11,000 around the peaks.

I know.  It doesn't do it justice.
And this picture?

After the windshield wipers ran.
It wasn’t raining when I went through Jackson Montana.  It was bug-splattering.


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