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June 10, 2007

Banana Bank Lodge, Part 1

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Yes, more Belize pictures.  I know it’s been a couple of months since I took the trip, but there are still things I haven’t blogged about.  If you all will put up with me a little longer….

Banana Bank Lodge is near Belmopan, the nation’s capital, and well into the jungle.  We skirted around the edges of Belmopan without actually seeing any of it.  Luckily Banana Bank’s Internet site provides excellent directions, right down to pictures of turning points along the way.  Good thing, too, because we would have been lost very quickly without them.

Sign about 5 miles in on dirt road

We didn’t hit this sign until we were nearly there.

This is the main building, which includes a number of guest rooms.

The lodge 
This is where we stayed.

 Our Cabin
Unluckily, all the shots I took of the inside came out dark and blurry.

 BathroomBedFront roomFront RoomBed



June 9, 2007

After Hearing About a Bicycle Near-miss

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“He tells me EVERYTHING.  You’d think he’d know better.  There are just some things a son needs to protect his mother from.”

June 1, 2007

Hanging In There

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I’m feeling better and better.  Our house guest left around noon, so Mr. Al and I enjoyed a video; Chronicles of Ridick.  I love it.  I really hope to local video store has more.

I’m weaning myself from the pain meds, but forgive me if I’m still a little dopey.  It hurts around the incisions and the hernia, but the chest pains are gone, so I assume the gas as been absorbed.  The only time I really hurt is when I cough.

I’m going to kick back and take it easy this week end.  Hopefully by Monday I’ll be able to catch up on my blog roll.  Right now sitting at my desk is a problem and my laptop doesn’t have the bookmarks.

Thank you to everyone who surfed in to check on me.  I haven’t been good about responding, but I do appreciate all of you.


May 29, 2007

This Is It

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Tomorrow, or rather today if you are reading this on Wednesday, is the day I go in for surgery.  I am thoroughly unprepared.  I did not lay in TV dinners.  I did not arrange for someone to care for me.  I did not stock up on books and videos, though I still have about a hundred books in my TBR pile anyway.

Except to make sure the kids would be covered as need be, I have done nothing, not even my will.

I think it’s because I really don’t want to think about it.  I don’t want to feed energy to my fears.  I try to visualize a quick and easy surgery for my doctors and mostly succeeded.  I have excused myself for being out of it for a few days.  Outside of that, I’m just going to let things happen as they will.

Cross you fingers for me.


May 27, 2007

They Gave Me Flowers!

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After all these years of serving as stage manager, not only did the instructor finally start calling me stage manger, she gave me flowers on closing night!  It was soooooo cool!  She had someone take away the flowers I was handing out to all the little kids, dragged me out to the middle of the stage, put a spot light on us, and introduced me to the audience.  Not only did they actually applaud me, but afterwards several people congratulated me on a good job!  Thing was, this was one of the easiest years.

I accept this accolade as a reward for all my time of service and would like to say “This is so cool!  Thank you!”


May 26, 2007

Stage Mom

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I neglected my blogroll yesterday, just when a bunch of people had things to say.  India Carolina is struggling with revisions.  Join the club!  Tessa won Ericka’s Name-My-Hero contest.  Tessa is struggling with contest results.  Milady Insanity is just as bad about fabric as I am, only for different reasons.  Suzanne McMinn has a new book out.  Have you checked her out yet?  She has an interesting blog.  

And I missed it all because I was stitching an extension on a backdrop, painting giant mushrooms, learning how a fog machine works, taking my daughter out of class early for a run through, coming up with something for us to eat, moving props around, yadda, yadda, yadda.  IRL got in the way of my cyber life on my favorite day.

Why was I doing all that?  Because I’m a stage mom.  My dear daughter is in both tap dance and a general sort of dance thing that has bits of modern and bits of ballet in it.  It’s recital time, and of course I help.  Yep, I’m stage manager.

The first section is a story thing a lot like a ballet.  That’s where I do the managing.  I get to wear the headphones and talk to lighting and sound people and tell everybody what to do.  Unluckily I HAVE to wear the headphones and tell everyone what to do. Woe is me when I screw it up.

We have another show tonight.  I’ll let you know how it went tomorrow.


May 19, 2007

Xunantunich III

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On first approach 

The main pyramid is worth a post all by itself.  It’s the only one I climbed.  I didn’t realize how bad the sunburn on the back of my legs was until I reached the top then tried to come back down.  Ouch!  That’s why I didn’t climb the rest.

Tingle Toes 
From the top you can see the entire complex.  See the white line at the bottom of the picture?  That’s what I’m standing on.

A pyramid with a view
From the top of the pyramid you can see all the way to Guatemala.  The very highest point of the pyramid was where they would light signal fires to communicate with other communities in the area.  The guide called Xunantunich a city, but only a few hundred people of the thousands associated with it actually lived there.  Those who were not of the royalty or nobility lived in outlying arias.

This facade is actually a plaster cast of the real thing, which is apparently safe from the elements in among the stones. 

After having hobbled down
This was the view after having climbed back down, one painful step at a time.  I thought it was impressive.


Xunantunich II

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One of the most impressive aspects of our tour of Xunantunich was the casual way our Mayan- Mestizo guide pointed at rock structures and said it was made for one kind of blood letting or another.  Ironically, what you find at the top of the biggest pyramid is not an alter, but the royal bedrooms.

Actually, come to think of it, we didn’t see any alters in place anywhere. Here is where they do the circumcisions.  I’m not sure if they did virgin sacrifices here too, or if it was in a building we didn’t see.

Little Boy's Room
Here are the residences of the nobility.

This is a bedroom where several of them would all sleep.  Comfy, no?

Pass the matress, please

May 17, 2007

Xunantunich I

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 A Good view of the complex

Back to Belize.  As long as we were in the neighborhood, we dropped by a Mayan ruin.  This one is called Xunantunich.  The owner of Banana Bank Lodge told us to pronounce it like Shoe-not-to-itch.  Last time I posted a bunch of pictures caused all kinds of loading problems for people, so I’m going to break it up into parts.

To get there you have to take the ferry.  This is not your large, multi-vehicle carrier you might find up around Seattle.  This is a little hand-cranked job.

Crossing the river 
The first actual ruin you see after leaving the parking lot is a little trading center built into the hill.  The complex is on the other side.

 The Market
We were told everything was quarried limestone originally, including a completely covered over courtyard which looked like a lovely park by the time we got there. Then everything was painted white.  This fits much more closely my original impression of Mayan Pyramids.  We can only surmise that people have removed much of the original limestone over the years to be used in other construction projects.

May 16, 2007


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As I mentioned over on my goals thread on FF, I go under the knife on May 30th.  It’s supposed to be laproscopy and hopefully outpatient, but if the tumor turns out to be cancer I may have to stay in the hospital for a while.

I have no idea how much this will affect my blog.  As I promised over on FF, I will keep Suzie updated, even maybe working ahead a bit to be sure it’s covered, though it might not go up until kind of late the Friday following surgery, particularly if I have to talk Mr. Al through the posting process.

Mr. Al is working feaverishly to provide me with extra Tudor episodes to be posted next week and the week following.  I might have to miss a day or two here and there, particularly right after the 30th.

I still have a bit to say about Belize, but it’s winding down, and I’ll always have way too much to say about writing.

Bear with me.  I’m sure this is only a little blip in my life.


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